Quote – Day 14 of #indie30

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~ Seneca

I’m participating in The 30 Days of Indie Travel Project over at Boots-n-All.

Prompt #14: QUOTE

 What’s your favorite quote about travel? Why does it stand out to you?

I love quotes about travel.  It’s the rare quote that doesn’t resonate. I know when it’s time to get out of town, when I’m craving some different stimulation. The words by Seneca at the top of this post are probably my favorite because they are simple and they are my truth.

Cloudrest, Yosemite NP

New perspective - top of Cloudrest, Yosemite NP

The clarity and zeal I feel from a change of scene – and the corresponding change in perspective – are qualities I’m not able to reproduce through any other method.  I guess that’s what makes travel so addictive for me – that shot of vitality I get from experiencing a new place.

I know when it’s time to get out of town for a while.  I start to feel antsy then cranky then tragically dissatisfied with wherever I am, no matter how awesome that place is. The feelings have little to do with wherever I am. They simply reflect my desire for an infusion of the new and unknown.

It doesn’t take a big trip to satisfy most urges.  A 2 hour road trip to visit a friend or a quick jaunt to the beach or camping for the weekend is usually enough to give me my fix.  Sometimes, a simple day trip can turn my whole mood right-side up.

How does travel make you feel?

♥ Audrey

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