Postcard from Charleston, SC

I’m starting a new series called Postcards. I’ve taken some great trips this summer and have several more planned over the next 8 weeks. I’ve decided to post my long-form trip reports on my personal blog but I also felt drawn to share some snippets with you here. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and are inspired to create your own!

♥ Audrey

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. We had a low-key camping trip to magical Hunting Island planned, but a last minute offer to stay at a swanky condo smack in the middle of Charleston’s Historic District was too good to pass up. We still went to the beach though – twice.  You can get trip details and see photos over on my new personal blog.

This is a panoramic I took of the sunset on Kiawah Island – so romantic!  We had a bit of an adventure getting to this beach and were grateful for the solitude and beauty we found once there.

We proceeded to eat and play our way across downtown Charleston. Then we visited a different beach on our way home. We had a really nice weekend and the weather was simply divine. The 5 hour drive was a stretch due to hectic work and travel schedules but I was past-due on beach time. I decided it was a Hell Yes, so we went for it. It ended up being a major reset for me and I really appreciate T’s willingness to help me get QT with mama ocean.

Clearly beaches are one of my happy places. Where are yours?

♥ Audrey

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