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I’m always on alert for travel opportunities. When I get the chance to turn something into a travel experience – an event (wedding, concert, work conference), a free weekend (“hmm, no plans and it’s going to be 70 and sunny in xxx…”), a free or cheap flight to somewhere I’ve never been – I grab it!  When I’m working a traditional job, my trips are weekend and vacation-sized.  When I’m consulting or taking a career break, they are longer.

One of my pre-trip BHTD lists - Big Hairy To Do

One of my pre-trip BHTD lists – Big Hairy To Do

I can research and put together a solid trip at lightening speed ~ it’s actually one of my super powers! I also know myself, have set many aspects of my life up so I can be nimble and I have a system that works for me.

A few years ago, I put together a last-minute trip and called a friend to ask if she would check on my cat while I was gone.  After agreeing to help, she exclaimed “I can’t believe you’re going on another fun trip!  How do you do that?!  You are my travel hero!”

I love being someone’s travel hero.  Hell, I love being an inspiration any way I can!  But when I talk with someone who excitedly asks all about my latest trip and then says “I wish I could do that”, I want to jump up on the table and proclaim “You can!  You can totally do it!  You should do it!  Woohoo ~ let’s go!”

This concept – being your own travel hero – was born from the realization that I can help people enrich their lives by helping them get Travel Ready, empowering them to travel more often, more smoothly.

I do this by helping clients get clear on their unique desires, needs and style, and creating systems around travel that work for them.

You can be your own travel hero!

How?  Read on, friend …

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