About Audrey

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” ― Yogi Bhajan

Audrey Reynolds is a traveler, creator and liver.  She is a budding lifestyle designer who is intentionally creating the life she wants to be living.  She is passionate about happiness, the planet, and enjoying new experiences.

As a travel coach, she enjoys helping clients create experiences that make them feel alive.  She blogs and inspires people to travel at BeYourOwnTravelHero.com

Audrey is a committed traveler and lives in constant awe of this beautiful playground called Earth. She believes we should takes any opportunity to go, see and do. This includes travel during periods of transition, which hold great promise for self-discovery. She backpacked for 3 months in Western Europe while recovering from her divorce (before Eat Pray Love!), headed south of the border post-layoff and recently traveled across the country on an America the Beautiful tour looking for a new place to call home.

Audrey has always been a systems thinker with a wide variety of interests and passions.  She has come to understand she is not a dilettante, but a Renaissance Soul.  As such, she is always interested in new projects and can help make your life easier in a variety of ways ~ research anything, help you identify and creatively solve problems, organize your content, create your website, write a clear and grammatically-correct post for you.  She also sells a few products and does whatever else catches her fancy.  You can learn more about all of this over at NimbleCreatives.com

Audrey is a hot springs junkie who soaks whenever and wherever she has the opportunity (fair warning: she will ask to sit in your hot tub). Music makes her come alive and you’ll often find her at an outdoor festival. She loves craft beer.

She is an optimist who holds a deep belief that people are inherently good and ridiculously resilient.

And she would love to meet YOU!