Custom Itinerary Assistance

With my Itinerary Perfecting Package, I help independent travelers create the perfect itinerary so your trip flows smoothly. I help you put together a schedule that suits your individual style and pace so you are able to enjoy the types of experiences you value in the most logical and easy way possible!

I decided to offer this service because I genuinely love creating itineraries – they are a jig-saw puzzle that becomes a beautiful trip when finished!  One of my super powers is planning itineraries with tight timelines, such as a quick add-on to a business or holiday trip.

How it works
I gather information about your timeframe, the types of things you want to see and do, your travel style (do you like to move slow or fast, prefer fine or casual meals), any “must do” experiences and your budget. I then create a sample itinerary and may suggest options for you to consider.  There may be several iterations based on your feedback so this is a collaborative effort. Itinerary planning can include routes, activities and experiences, hotel suggestions and entertainment ideas, as well as guidance on transportation.

$250 USD for a package of 5 hours of itinerary planning, which includes research and communication. This also includes an initial assessment document which helps me and you be clear about your needs and desires.

Gift Certificates available

A note about what this is not
I am not a travel agent and I do not have a license. Therefore I will not actually book plane tickets, hotels or attractions for you. My expertise is in customizing an itinerary that meets your specific needs and style. I provide exact links where applicable and offer suggestions where it is not. I am also able to guide you through the booking process should you desire it. As an example, for hotels, I will give you several options based on your budget and preferences, then allow you to book directly.  This way you have the entire reservation in your hands and are empowered to make changes. I will happily work with a travel agent (yours or mine) should you wish to not make the reservations yourself.

How is Itinerary Assistance is different from Travel Coaching?
Travel Coaching is typically used for longer term trips. We focus on preparing your life back home for an extended absence, ensuring housing, bills/banking/insurance accounts, vaccinations and so on are in order.  We also address any roadblocks (emotional, logistical, financial) which might impact you while planning your dream trip.  There is less time spent on the details of the itinerary, although we do touch on that if you wish.