Thoreau’s Worst Nightmare [article in Mother Jones]

This is an interesting read for anyone who is crawling (walking? running?) down the path of intentional downsizing and simple(r) living.  Thoreau’s Worst Nightmare 

As I’ve evaluated how to best jive my lifestyle with my values and goals, I’ve encountered more of what this author calls gimmick than I ever expected.  And to be fair, this is the world we live in, where everyone and everything is branded.  I’m not sure the branding is avoidable for those who choose to participate in society.  And I do admire those who are trying to creatively make a living.  I think the real question (I think, not sure) is whether you are helping someone else with your writing/experiment.  If it changes a few lives, makes people think, then great.

I especially appreciate this reminder in the closing paragraph:

“We must strive for continuous, daily, incremental improvement toward whatever social, environmental, and economic goals we deem important.”