World Domination Summit…!

So I took a big leap and registered for the 2012 World Domination Summit hosted by The Art of Non-Conformity’s Chris Guillebeau.  By the way – do you know his work? If not, I highly recommend you poke around his site (linked above) and see if anything speaks to you.

Why is it a big leap? Well, my dear old Dad would point out that technically I’m still unemployed yet just plopped down a chunk of change for an event that is 10 months – and the length of a continent – away.  But, more significantly, it’s a leap towards intentionally creating the life I want to be living.

Why did I do it? Because there will be a room full of thinkers, doers and livers there and I want in! It’s as simple as that. When I was laid off freed from the bonds of a soul-sucking j-o-b 9 months ago, I decided to start designing my ideal life for real.  I’d been thinking about what it looks like – my ideal life – since I did Mondo Beyondo in January 2009 (Andrea & Jen ~ I hope you are at WDS again!). And being reorged out of that job felt like the Universe giving me a Golden Ticket.  Since then, I’ve been taking a series of baby steps and now I’m starting to run with it.  OK, speed walk.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere (seriously – just do it!)

I read the post 72 Hacks & Beliefs to Live & Work on Your Terms – from People Actually Doing it (World Domination Summit Recap) by 2011 WDS attendee Scott Dinsmore and decided this is exactly the kind of juicy stuff I want to roll around in. You should check it out ~ you may find some excellent nuggets (warning: you’ll also probably find a few new blogs to follow)!

If you’re going to WDS, I look forward to playing with you!  Interest piqued? For now registration is closed but limited seats will go on sale in January. See for details.

Have you thought about how living the life of your dreams would feel?  Go ahead, dream a little…

♥ Audrey