Opinion, damnit!

I recently fired up the blog again and my friend G told me the other night that he had this image of my blog title looking something like this:

Operation Sparkle Search
The Blog Formerly Known as Operation Sparkle Search
Opinion, Damnit!!!

Well, of course, it’s named Observations, Opinions and Adventures (although I admit I strongly considered ¡abrir sus ojos!  – be aware! or more literally, open your eyes! 😉

Since I pretty much post my short quips and observations on Facebook these days, the re-booted blog has been heavy on the Observations and Opinions (damnit!) component.  This is a part of who I am – the issues I pay attention to are my passions and the opinions I have beg for a constructive outlet. 

But the time has arrived for a heaping dose of ADVENTURE!!!  And I am very Very VERY excited for my upcoming travels.  At the same time, I’m excited/outraged/opinionated about some big things going down in our world right now.  And I’m confident that while traveling and meeting people from across the globe and seeing things from a new perspective, I’ll want to share my thoughts on those big things in addition to my day-to-day adventures (see my older travel posts).

I have many different wonderful people in my life and I don’t expect everyone to agree with or appreciate every single thing I have to say.  But we do enjoy being in each others lives, so thank you for reading my blog!  I hope you will consider everything, take what resonates and leave the rest!

The official countdown has begun!  I’m about to get my travel on!  “Final” itinerary to be posted shortly…!!!