In transit(ion)

I’ve pretty much learned to stop saying “I’m in transition” and embrace the fact that change (growth, evolution) is a constant in my life.  Right now, not only am I in transition job-, career- and location-wise, I am quite literally in transit – in between where I was and wherever it is I’m going. Pretty much every major aspect of my life is open to change. Occasionally I sit back and marvel that I’m not freaking out. I attribute this to the fact that I’m gaining greater clarity of purpose and making more intentional choices. That and practice. I’ve been here before and I know – I truly, deeply understand – that everything will be fine. So I intend to have fun with the journey.

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About 10 hours into my 20 hour drive from Austin to Asheville, I was gifted with this incredible postcard from the Universe.

In my rear view mirrors was a fiery sunset waving a gorgeous goodbye. And in front of me, ushering me into my next adventure, was a beautiful rainbow. Metaphorically, it felt extremely powerful and I get thrill bumps whenever I think about just how awesomely perfect it was.

Love, Audrey